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Let **The Pro's** handle your coverall cleaning, glove reconditioning & industrial laundry!

Get Laundry Services

Whatever You’ve Got, We Get It Clean...**Quick**

Our cleaning services go far beyond your coveralls. Our industrial machines and processes are central Alberta’s best option for cleaning parkas, fleece items, leather and impact gloves, canvas tarps, hi-viz gear, and oversize items. If it requires industrial cleaning, we can handle it!  With our standard next day service, you won’t have to wait a week to get your gear back, and we have both counter service as well as pick up and delivery in the Red Deer area.

Convenient Customer Service, with **next day service**

With a staff of 25 people, we are proud to offer on-site pick up, as well as 24-hour drop-off at our facility on Edgar Industrial Drive in Red Deer, with next-day service for most orders, including repairs, cleaning, and customization. With our RFID technology, every order is tracked in real-time, so you get notified by text the moment your order is ready. **Most orders are ready next day, and we will do our best to accommodate same day rush orders when possible.

**Cutting-Edge** Cleaning Technology

Our facility uses the latest technology and modernized dry-cleaning techniques that prioritize hydrocarbon removal, garment preservation, and environmental considerations. The result? Coveralls that keep keep you, and our environment, clean and safe!

Order Tracking with RFID We use RFID technology to keep track of order progress, and you’ll be notified with a text as soon as your garments are ready for pickup. Our custom RFID system also ensures accuracy for tracking and billing purposes.
The World’s Best Cleaning Solutions Installed in January 2020, North America's largest bio-based dry cleaning system uses highly effective, biodegradable solvents and detergents that won’t harm the environment. System K4 from Kreussler is the only bio-based dry cleaning solution in the world.
FR Garment Inspection Each piece of FR apparel that comes through our facility gets inspected for rips, tears, broken zippers and faulty reflective materials. Properly maintained FR Apparel will enhance employee safety and optimize your garment life, saving you money!
Repair & Alteration Services Get zippers replaced, rips fixed, and alterations made as needed with your laundry service. Keep your garments lasting longer with professional, high-quality repairs. We use FR threads and 3M reflective materials, exclusively.
Glove Reconditioning Using our dry cleaning process, cleaning industrial gloves can save you thousands of dollars annually! Leathers, impact and cut resistant gloves can be cleaned multiple times for a fraction of the cost to replace! This process also reduces the number of gloves being prematurely disposed of at landfill.

Safe For Our People & Safe For The **Environment**

Our advanced bio-based dry cleaning process removes all contaminants, oils, grease, and other materials from the fabrics, and separates them from our waste and water systems. These potentially harmful materials are then shipped to an approved hazardous materials facility, where they can be disposed of or treated in an environmentally responsible way. It’s just one more way we put our people and communities first.