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With us on your side, your coveralls don’t quit.

Get Repairs & Alterations

Go from **“broken”** to **“broken in”**

Although we want to be your supplier of choice when you need new gear, we are here to ensure that your favourite apparel items continue to look good during their useful life!  Our corporate clients save thousands on their apparel spend with us…we can repair any rip or tear, regardless of size.  We also repair and replace zippers, including FR!  We do it quickly, and it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Ensure long garment life...and your safety with **professional repairs & alterations.**

We use only the best materials and processes to complete each repair and alteration, including flame-resistant threads and zippers, and qualified FR materials. Whether you’re adding a radio pocket, fixing a torn sleeve, or adding reflective stripes, we know that a lot more than our reputation rides on our craftsmanship – and it shows, in every single stitch.  Our qualified team of professional sewers and seamstresses are ready to repair or alter even the toughest jobs!